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First United Methodist Church

This group is truly outstanding in every way. The playing is magnificent and of the ighest caliber. The humor keeps the audience smiling and the pace of their performance is so well planned that an hour goes by like a minute. Nobody in the room wants the music to ever stop! These fine musicians live up to their motto "IT'S THE HAPPIEST MUSIC ON EARTH!!" 

Welcome to the site that gives you America's only original art form!  The music that sprang from a post-civil war America looking for it's new identity.

Good Times Jazz Band

Good Times Jazz Band

It's The Happiest Music on Earth!

Welcome to the zany, happy, fun and always reverent world of The Good Times Jazz Band. 

Good Times Ballroom Fantasy Band

Good Times Swing Band


For us the Dancer comes first! We don't play what we want, we play what YOU want.

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